Rehabilitation of late 19th century residential home estimated to have been built in 1875, but could have portions dating back to 1865.  Re-planning of interior floor plan to improve livability and desirability as a home functioning in the 21st century. Exterior form and openings were not modified, however subtle embellishments of the exterior skin and form were added to ensure delineation of the story-line of homes 7 additions over the many years. This home features a custom wood siding that resembled masonry inclusive of quoining at the building corners. Due to severe weathering, the custom siding was recreated using CNC milling. The historic stone foundation was repointed and frost protected by using injection grouting of the surrounding soil.


Black Hawk, Colorado


2,360 SF, 4 Br, 3 Ba, Historic Rehabilitation


City of Black Hawk

Design Services

Team lead, Architecture, Design, Construction Administration



1720 14th Street, Suite 100, Boulder CO, 80302
303.442.0408 - peheinz@peharch.com
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